The Key Benefits of Modular Construction

We take pride in giving you the most cost effective solution for your spacial needs.

Q. Why modular?

A. There are many benefits to modular buildings! They are a quick and easy solution to your accommodation problems, whether you need space for a new classroom, sports hall, dining room or a variety of other uses.

They provide your school with plenty of opportunities to grow.

Q. Are these ‘temporary’ buildings?

A. No. Buildings for Schools modular buildings are designed to conform to all relevant building regulations for permanent buildings and come with a 25 year warranty on steel components. However, they have many of the advantages of temporary buildings in that they can be relocated or extended easily.

Why choose a Modular Building from Buildings for Schools? The graphic below lists the main benefits.

Benefits of Modular Buildings for Schools Infographic

Why Buildings for Schools?

With over 20 years’ experience in providing solutions for schools we understand your need to adapt quickly to increased demands for new facilities. Traditionally, this rapidly growing need has been achieved either through the use of traditional construction methods that turn your school into a building site for months on end or by the provision on the ubiquitous ‘temporary’ classroom – there are many schools still using these 40 years after they were installed as a temporary measure.

We believe passionately that children learn better within the right environment and that poor quality, temporary buildings are not the answer. With that in mind we have developed a permanent system with all of the specification you would expect in a modern building, but with the price of a portable classroom. Get in touch with us today to find out more about how your school can benefit.

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