The Benefits of Modular Buildings

Modular Benefits

Modular buildings are ultimately becoming the method of choice when it comes to construction. The modular benefits are becoming clearer to those who require a cost effective and fast solution to their spacial requirements. Here are some of the key benefits of choosing a modular build:


All modular builds are constructed out of the way of your school. This allows you to go about all of your regular school-day duties and activities without having to worry about machines and builders taking up the space. We take care of the whole build all the way until it is brought to your site and quickly pieced together. Because of this, 80% of the construction is taken off-site meaning minimal work is required at your school.

Saving Time

A modular building will be finished and ready for use up to 50% faster than other traditional buildings. Due to the construction of your build happening off site, any site work can go ahead during this time. This cuts the chance of delay on construction and the time any work is carried out on site. Whatever your need for space, a modular build is the best and fastest solution.


No matter your need for space, a modular building is the perfect option. The space inside can be filled however you wish so if you need a classroom, a staff room, cloakrooms, offices or even a gym space you will have no problem going modular. Due to the customisation opportunities they can even be easily converted from one use to another depending on your needs with every academic year.


Due to the multi-uses of modular you will find that there are many ways for you to tailor a build to suit your school. With different external cladding options and other features each build can be unique. We offer a turnkey service with our builds meaning that we will furnish your spaces based on the design proposal, approved by you. The inside of your building can be filled with whatever you wish as well as the decoration itself.

If you want any more information on modular builds in general do not hesitate to get in touch with us. By choosing modular you will be saving time, money and the stress that comes with a busy construction site. Give your school the extra space it needs fast.