The Demand for Space

Spaces for pupils at schools are running low. The impact of this will greatly affect the quality of education pupils are receiving due to the high numbers teachers will be dealing with. Within the next seven years, secondary schools will need over 16,000 new spaces for pupils. But is this a realistic target?

Demand for Space in England

Of course, the Department of Education have already looked into this problem. The demand for space is not a new issue by any means. Unfortunately it has recently become a much more pressing matter.

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The Benefits of Modular Buildings: Infographic

Modular Building Benefits

Enjoy the many modular building benefits. You will have a brand new build in up to 50% the time of a traditional building. In addition to this, you will be choosing the most cost effective solution to spacial needs. Modular construction is fast becoming the most popular option for creating space in schools. Not only is it fast, but going modular makes life easier for you. Using a built-off-site construction process there is no on-site mess to deal with. Read more about how modular classrooms could be the answer for you.

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How Modular Aids Education

Modular Builds

If your classrooms are running low on space then your school can enjoy the benefits of modular builds. But it is not just the physical space issue schools are faced with. The more pupils there are in a class, the more attention is required by the teacher. Studies have shown that the UK is in the top 5 countries in the world for lawfully large class sizes. This means that a great number of our children are not getting the direct attention they need at a pivotal time of their education and development.

The growth of pupil numbers is not just a temporary thing. As the population rises there is more cause for space in schools. Between 2014 and 2015 the number of early years through to year two pupils rose by 5%. This is a rise of 96,000 pupils across the country! On average we are looking at 6 more pupils per the 16,800 state primary schools across the UK, a big risk on hindering children’s education.

So, What is the Solution?

Children require attention, especially when they are still developing their way of learning. By reducing the numbers of pupils per class teachers gain back the ability to monitor every child more carefully. This allows them to help them on a one-on-one basis. It is proven that this improves academic achievement through the closer relationships teachers and their pupils. A teacher can then learn their pupil’s strengths, weaknesses and learning styles. Continue reading “How Modular Aids Education”

What is Modular?

What do you think of when you hear “modular”? A box? Separate units? There is something brilliantly simple about a modular build which makes it the perfect solution to your need for space. Schools can easily reach capacity with the rise in population meaning expansions need to be made or whole new classrooms may need building. The most cost-effective and fast solution is a modular building. Read on to find out why this could be the answer for your school.

So, What is a Modular Build?

Yes, a modular build is in pieces. The whole thing is constructed off site, away from the school site for minimum disruption. From there, the pieces of the building are transported onto site and quickly assembled leaving no mess or damage to school grounds. What is maybe seen initially as a box will be transformed into your brand new classroom, staff room, office, gym or whatever else your school requires. A safe space to expand in. Buildings for Schools even offer bespoke options for you to design your building as you wish to suit it to your school. External cladding options allow for different looks and colours for example, fitting the build naturally into your grounds.

What Will Happen During the Process

Nothing that you will need to go out of your way for! Other than an initial site visit and the installation all you need to do is go about your school day while we provide you with a design and construct your building. The design can even be tweaked to your preference if needs be. You can see a step-by-step guide on Continue reading “What is Modular?”

The Benefits of Modular Buildings

Modular Benefits

Modular buildings are ultimately becoming the method of choice when it comes to construction. The modular benefits are becoming clearer to those who require a cost effective and fast solution to their spacial requirements. Here are some of the key benefits of choosing a modular build:


All modular builds are constructed out of the way of your school. This allows you to go about all of your regular school-day duties and activities without having to worry about machines and builders taking up the space. We take care of the whole build all the way until it is brought to your site and quickly pieced together. Because of this, 80% of the construction is taken off-site meaning minimal work is required at your school.

Saving Time

A modular building will be finished and ready for use up to 50% faster than other traditional buildings. Due to the construction of your build happening off site, any site work can go ahead during this time. This cuts the chance of delay on construction and the time any work is carried out on site. Whatever your need for space, a modular build is the best and fastest solution. Continue reading “The Benefits of Modular Buildings”